samedi 23 mars 2013

Apps Menu Widget : User guide

You have downloaded and installed Apps Menu Widget Pro in your phone, there some tricks how to use it :

1- The first thing to do is to run Apps Menu Widget, then add the widget to your home screen, it's a small button that does not take much place :

When you tap on the widget button, the category and app list menu will appear allowing you to launch applications, if you change your mind just tap outside the menu to make it disappear.

2- There is 5 default categories created the first time you run Apps Menu Widget you can add, delete, rename and change the icons of this categories by long click on the category you want to edit.

3- Organize your applications by category, you can add and delete applications by long click on the category name you want to edit, check or unchek your applications then tap on save button to validate.

4- To change categories icons, long click on the category, you have to select a PNG icon from your Android file system, if you don't have any Android icons I suggest you :

  • Metro Station : This is a very good Android application allow you to create your own custom icons, i used this application to create icons for default categories.
  • 30 gorgeous icon packs : You can also download many free icon packs from this page, for the demonstration video and screenshots i used Blawb icon pack, i like this one !

If you have a mounted SD Card, the used icons will be stored in AppsMenuWidget directory.

5- To change the style of the menu widget, tap on menu button -> widget settings. You can change the widget backgrounds, selection and text colors and transparency. You can also enable or disable displaying category names on the widget.

For more help you can also watch the demo video :

I hope this guide will be useful for you, I am at your disposal if you have questions or any suggestions, contact me on :

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