samedi 23 mars 2013

Apps Menu Widget : Apps organizer with a widget menu launcher for Android

You need a simple and lightweight apps launcher ? An app that allow you to organize installed apps and make finding them easy ? You're tired of launchers who changes everything in your home screen and consumes a lot of space and battery life ? Apps Menu Widget is what you're looking for ! The best apps organizer with a very simple to use launcher widget for your Android phone.

Apps Menu Widget allows you to organize your Android apps and access them quickly through a menu that pops up on the home screen by a one click widget button. The advantage of Apps Menu Widget over other launchers is that it allows you to keep your favorite theme while offering the possibility of a full customization of the style of the widget.

Free version features :
Organize installed apps by categories using the apps organizer tool.
One click access to your apps through the menu widget in the home screen : up to 8 apps per category.

Pro version additional features :
Unlimited apps number per category in the menu widget.
Fully customizable categories : add, delete, rename and change icons.
Fully customizable menu widget : custom backgrounds color, text and transparency.

Please get Apps Menu Widget Pro version to support the developer. Thank you in advance !

For more information and user guide visit the Apps Menu Widget web page :

Need Help ? Fast Launcher user guide

Facebook fan page : 

Demonstration video :

Screenshots :



Enjoy the simplicity !

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